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November 29, 2020

A Fall Boho Wedding at Magnolia Mule Barn

Alec and Tori met in February of 2013 when Alec started to work at Buffalo Wild Wings, where Tori was his trainer. Although Tori says she wasn’t really into him, one day she asked him to come in to work early where she gave him her number… and then they really never stopped talking after that!

Everyone at their work was pushing for them to date but Tori and Alec were hesitant because they were such great friends. It was tradition that after a fight night at Buffalo Wild Wings, the team would end their night at Waffle House or Steak and Shake. After a few months of work, the crew made plans Steak and Shake… except Alec and Tori were the only ones to show up! Turns out, that was the plan all along!

Alec and Tori stayed and talked for hours and Alec finally took Tori on an official date in May. In June of 2013, Alec graduated from GMC and in July, after a trip to Alabama to see Tori’s family, Alec asked Tori to be his girlfriend.

Fast forward 5 years, Tori scheduled professional pictures for Christmas cards. She originally scheduled a weekend in November but the photographer needed to postpone… and Tori started to get suspicious! Her sister asked her to get her nails done (smart sister!) but Stefani tried to downplay Tori’s idea that she was getting proposed to during photos.

The entire session went by and Tori started second-guessing herself, even though in every pose she was questioning if, how, and when he was going to pop the question!

Tori and Alec went to run an errand to get Alec’s dad orange juice after photos and it was fairly obvious that Tori was upset. Alec asked, “Buddy, what’s wrong?” And Tori said that she was just hungry and wanted a margarita. Eventually, they made it to Alec’s parent’s place. Tori opens the door and locks eyes with Alec’s mom, Liz… then she spots her Aunt Susan… and then the rose petals all over the floor. Tori froze and buried her head in her hands. Then she heard her dad say, “turn around, Bug” and when she opened her eyes, Alec was on one knee saying everything she would ever want him to say. Tori remembers laughing because Alec has one leg holding the screen door open and one trying to keep us both from falling over! Tori said yes (!) and celebrated with the friends and family that could be there… and Tori finally got her margarita!

Tori and Alec’s wedding day was incredibly emotional and rightfully so. They’d been planning this wedding since at least March of 2019, when I originally met them. Tori’s precious parents are both in heaven and her tribute to them on their wedding day brought tears to my (and everyone’s) eyes. Tori wanted her sister Stefani to help her get dressed, chose to do a first look with her younger brother Aaron, and chose to hand out roses to her loved ones as she walked down the aisle. The real tear jerker was her sentimental dedication of the daddy-daughter dance to all the dads and daughters present. The dance floor was filled with families while Tori danced with her siblings. They also went into a siblings-only dance to “Never Alone” and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. Her uncles eventually took over and took turns dancing with Tori. It was really such a sweet moment. But there certainly were lots of laughs during the day, too!

After the tears dried, the bridal party tore up the dance floor! I swear the DJ played all the best 90s/early 2000s music from my childhood. It was so much fun! Their food was delicious, their music was bumping, and I could tell they were having a BLAST… and will continue to have a blast with each other for the rest of their lives!

Congratulations Alec and Tori! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness and *signature poses* 🙂 Love you guys!

VENDORS: Venue – Magnolia Mule Barn | Coordinator – Ty Reese | Video – Danielle Rojas Crosby | Florals – the bride | Hair – Brooklyn Blaylock | Makeup – Malana Navarre | DJ – Mark Cannon | Cake – Cookies and Cakes by Jill | Dress – Bridals by Gilbert

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