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November 14, 2020

A Fall Family and Maternity Session at Amerson River Park

Elizabeth and Dan were my first clients EVER! They graciously allowed me to take their pregnancy announcement photos when I had absolutely no idea what I was doing behind the camera or how to edit a photo. Bless them. Elizabeth is one of my dear friends I met three and a half years ago when we both started working at Mary Persons High School. She and I were both competitive dancers growing up and we hit it off right away. She became my “ride or die” and still is!

We met at Amerson River Park for their session and I thought I was being smart and brought along a squeaky pig toy that sort of snorts when you squeeze it…. well… I brought it out when their son Luke was getting out of the car and it TOTALLY scared him!! I felt so awful. I brought the pig around with me because I didn’t want to put it away just yet and Luke kept checking where “pig” was… he was hesitant to get close to me! I put it behind my camera bag and then he was REALLY skeptical about where the pig went!! He eventually got over the fear and I hid the piggy in my backpack and we carried on with our session. Luke did such a great job smiling, running, and exploring!

I’ve had the pleasure of watching Luke go from being a line on a pregnancy test, to a baby in the belly, to a precious infant, to a big, chatty toddler! Did I just tear up a little bit? Maybe! Elizabeth and I always talked about how fun it would be for us to be pregnant together and our wishes came true! She is due just a few weeks after me with another baby boy. Can’t wait for us to be in the boy mom club together!

Congratulations Elizabeth and Dan!

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