I am so thrilled to be capturing your senior photos this year! Please click the link below to read about your required formal session and options for your casual session, plus packages and prints.

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Prior to school starting, I will photograph every senior in the atrium of the Jett Science Center at Stratford Academy. You will be charged $75 through your Stratford account for the sitting fee + a digital download of the yearbook photo. Parents must attend this session as you will select the photo that will go in the yearbook. Select the date and time that you would like to have your session by clicking the button below, or by using the calendar on this page. If you do not book a separate casual session, I will take a casual photo of you during your formal session on Stratford's campus. Plan to bring an additional outfit, if that is the case. 


formal session


Q: What should I wear to my formal session?
Girls should arrive in a tank top with a strapless bra that we can easily slide the straps down to place the drape over. Gentlemen should arrive in a well fitting plain white t-shirt to wear under their tux. Bottoms will not show, so wear what is comfortable!

Q: What if I cannot make any of the formal session dates due to travel?
A: I have spread out the formal sessions over the summer to help accommodate travel. However, if none of these work for your family, please email to discuss a solution. This will be solved on a case-by-case basis.

Q: What if I do not want to purchase an additional casual session? 
A: If you choose not to book a separate casual session, I will use our 30-minute time block to capture a handful of casual shots to go into the yearbook. Please plan to bring one outfit and we will take the photos outside at Stratford.


frequently asked questions

The step-by-step process for a casual session:
1.    Select either The Blue or The White session, additional inclusive packages, time, and date of location using the form below.
2.    Stephanie photographs casual session. Parents, please attend!
3.    Receive proofing gallery. Select the casual photo for the yearbook, and determine which package you would like to purchase if you haven't already, or individual images you would like to purchase. 
4.   Receive final images in print and/or digital format, depending upon your package.


casual session

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Q: Do I have to purchase a photo package or may I purchase things à la carte?
A: You are not obligated to purchase any photos. However, there are à la carte options for smaller, print packages or smaller digital packages.

Q: What should I wear to my casual session?
The number one suggestions for outfits is some thing that you are comfortable in. Confidence looks best on you! Girls, neutral or bold colored dresses are fabulous. Be aware of the length as I might ask you to sit down. Gentlemen, neutrals, or bolds also looks great. Try to avoid smaller patterns as they do not photograph the best. Close toed shoes are recommended. If you are getting a haircut, a suggested time frame is two weeks before hand.

Q: Where can we do our session?
A: Your senior casual session is all about you! While we have amazing parks around Macon and the beauty of the industrial downtown Macon, if you have a space, that is special to you, that you would like me to photograph you in, let’s make it happen! Click the "other" option on the form above, and we can discuss.

Q: Can I incorporate my hobbies or my pet into my senior session? 100%!
A: Please bring any additional equipment, props, or pups that you would like to your session! If you are bringing your pet, please have them on a leash and bring someone to handle them during our session.


frequently asked questions