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October 1, 2019

TUESDAY TIPS | For Photographers – My Off-Camera Flash System

Hello photographers! Happy Tuesday! Today’s tip is focused on my off-camera flash system. I am by NO MEANS an expert on OCF (off-camera flash) but I do remember starting out almost a year ago very confused as to what systems I should invest in and how I should set up my flashes during a wedding reception.

off camera flash first dance purple uplighting fog machine

I use Canon cameras BUT I am also a baller on a budget. I knew that the Canon brand flashes were quite expensive and I wasn’t ready to make a financial commitment to something I did not know how to operate yet! After I learned how to bounce an on-camera flash, I decided to purchase three Yongnuo Speedlite 600 EX-RT II flashes for Canon cameras. For a wedding reception, I use one flash on my camera and use the other two on flash stands around the room.

The beauty of the Yongnuo Speedlite 600 EX-RT II flashes is that they communicate with each other via radio! What that means for you is that you do not need additional transmitters or receivers in order to make the flashes fire! CAN I GET AN AMEN?! So. Here’s a brief description of how I do it:

  1. Set my on-camera flash to MASTER
  2. Set my off-camera flashes to SLAVE
  3. Press the little zig-zag flash button until you see a RADIO signal in the top right-hand corner of the screen. It looks like a pin with parentheses around it.
  4. It should then group your flashes together. A would be your master, B and C would be your off-camera flashes.

When I am getting ready to set up the flashes for a wedding, I try to position the two off-camera flashes diagonally from each other and then stand at a 90-degree angle to them. That way, I can light the entire room without creating harsh shadows on people’s faces. It’s not always perfect but that is my preferred way! Bonus points if I can backlight the couple with my flash (which you can see in the photo)!

off camera flash set up macon wedding photographer stephanie gore photo

Like I said, I am not claiming to be an expert in this but I am here to share what I’ve learned so far with you all. If you are a photographer and want some help with flash, please let me know! You can shoot me an email at stephaniegorephotography@gmail.com or find me on social media on Facebook or Instagram!

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And if you are a BRIDE who is looking for their perfect wedding photographer, I would love to grab coffee or a beverage and chat with you! Contact me here.

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