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May 28, 2020

Haley and Lucas | Wedding

Their story…

Haley and Lucas’s relationship started out in 2017 at a good ole’ pancake breakfast at the Looney’s house (coincidentally, the place they decided to get married at)! At the time, the only mutual friends they shared were the Looney Family. About a month later, Haley went to the second annual Chill Cook-off hosted by their friends the Henrys and guess who was there? Lucas (and her now-bridesmaid Kristin). Over the course of the evening they started talking about their favorite musicians and Haley casually mentioned this “Sweater Weather” playlist she had created just for the Fall. Lucas suggested she share the playlist with him, a smooth way of giving his number to her! They slowly began texting, first about the playlist, but eventually it became a steady flow of constant conversation.

Haley turned him down on more than one occasion for a solo-hangout. Most of their time was spent with their friend group. Eventually, they hand their alone time. During their first outing as friends to a coffee shop, Haley began denying any feelings she felt for him.

Mother’s Day night, Lucas confessed his feelings under the stars in Kristin’s driveway. On June 1, 2018, they went on their very first date to Mystic Grill in Covington. Haley left the house feeling all kinds of warm fuzzy feelings, wearing her best summer dress because she knew he loved dresses. They walked around the square after dinner during the most miraculous sunset. Haley says that sunsets are her THING. Watching it after their first date was sort of a “God wink,” which really solidified their relationship.

Then came time for the proposal – it was a complete surprise. On December 16, 2019, Haley and Lucas met our friends for lunch and then went to a new Dave & Busters that had just opened. Afterwards, Haley insisted that Luke take her to run some errands for Christmas gifts. After errands, Haley and Lucas headed towards the McDonough square. Luke has turned on their playlist- the one he created with all the songs he said reminded him of Haley. Haley was so oblivious and was being somewhat stubborn, not wanting to get out of the car to look at the Christmas lights.

Finally, Lucas got her out of the car and she very cluelessly said, “Haha wouldn’t it be so funny if you were trying to propose right now and I was being this stubborn?!”

And you guessed it, a few steps later he was down on one knee.

Haley thought it was a joke.

He wouldn’t move and then it occurred to Haley that this was it. He was asking her to marry him!


Their wedding day…

Haley and Lucas originally planned to get married on April 4th but because of COVID-19, had to postpone their beautiful wedding day. In order for things to feel completely different than the day they initially planned, they decided to get married at their friend’s property, the Looney’s.

I’m so glad that they decided to do a first look because we captured all of their portraits and the majority of their family photos outside before a big storm hit. Their initial plan was to get married under a tree at the Looney’s house… but after the skies opened up, Haley and Lucas decided to get married at their church (which actually was their original plan)! It was seriously amazing to see the entire wedding come together for Haley and Lucas. Everyone packed their cars with decorations and food and the beautiful wooden and floral circle that Haley loved. They threw together a ceremony and a reception at their church in about 30 minutes. It was so incredible! I think everyone’s devotion to making sure this wedding happened really speaks to who Haley and Lucas are as a couple and how much they are loved.

The rest of the day went off without a hitch – they got married, they danced, they ate, they laughed, they cried. Oh, and we even got to see the most gorgeous sunset EVER! Haley has a thing for sunsets and I’m so glad she got one on her wedding day!

Congratulations to Haley and Lucas!

VENDORS | Coordinator: Shannon Powell | Florals: Martha Mae’s Floral & Gifts | Hair: Kristin McCarter | Videographer: Josh Naylor | Cake: Melanie Cotton | Caterer: Soul to Table Catering | Bridal Gown: J. Andrews | Bridesmaid Dresses: Azazie | Menswear: Black Tie Formal Wear

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