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July 30, 2019

TUESDAY TIPS | What Details to Include on Your Wedding Day

diamond jewelry on pink florals

Detail shots are one of my most favorite things to capture on a wedding day. If you are a bride of mine, you might notice that I’ve dedicated about an hour of your timeline to capture these special items for you! I also include time to photograph your ceremony and reception details because I know that is what you have spent time strategizing and perfecting. As a bride, I did not have a chance to see my reception space untouched the day of my wedding. To be honest, everything that day was such a blur! I love looking back on my day and seeing the beautiful setting my team of vendors created for us.

So… what details should you include on your wedding day? Well… honestly… anything that is important to you! Here are a few items I suggest you have:

  • All three rings: your engagement ring, your wedding band, and your spouse’s wedding band.
  • Every piece of jewelry: earrings, necklace, bracelet, and any other specialty pieces
  • An invitation suite and any other paper goods you have used for your day (think: wedding program, fans, save the dates)
  • Your shoes
  • Your veil
  • Garters (if you have them!)
  • Any old, new, borrowed, and blue – if you are sticking to “tradition”
  • Anything else that is special to you or your family! I’ve had brides incorporate vintage photos into their detail shots.

macon ga wedding red and pink floral bouquet with white and pink invitation suite and nude glitter shoes

I LOVE when your florals arrive in time for my detail shots because I can use them to style everything. Plus, bouquet shots are my FAVORITE.

macon ga wedding bright bouquet with sunflowers and orange roses blue shoes and rings

Typically, I ask my brides to have all of their detail items in a bag or a box that I can quickly grab and take with me when I find a special spot for detail shots! Styling details takes a little bit of time but trust me – it will be worth it!


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