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October 15, 2019

Tuesday Tips | Let Your Photographer Eat When You Eat

Hi, again friends!

Today’s Tuesday Tip is something I discuss with my brides and grooms during consultation AND before their wedding because it’s just that important… and that’s food. Now, I TOTALLY love me some wedding food and wedding cake but all jokes aside, this is an important topic to discuss since it greatly affects how I can best serve my clients!

As a photographer, I ask my clients to let me eat dinner when they eat dinner. And hear me loud and clear: this is NOT for selfish reasons. Yes, I am starving after being on my feet for 6-7 hours already but my job is to capture your wedding day in its entirety. But… no one wants pictures of them eating, am I right? By allowing me to take my break and eat when the bride and groom eat, I don’t miss a beat of coverage! Most of the time, after the bride and groom eat, they walk around and mingle with guests. Because I have already eaten, I can capture those special interactions.

Now, I will tell you, it’s kind of awkward to squeeze in line after the bridal party but in front of Uncle Bob, but it really does help me do my job better. And you want a photographer that can capture your entire day seamlessly, don’t you?

I also want to take the time to give a huge shout out to my couples who have welcomed me in and treated me like family. I appreciate you allowing me to eat what you eat, serve you well, and be your professional third wheel all day long! You’re the best!

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