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April 28, 2020

Georgia College Graduate | Abby

Abby is earning her degree in early childhood education major at Georgia College & State University. It takes a special person to shape little minds! Abby has a job in Marietta teaching a Kindergarten inclusion classroom. She’s been involved in inclusion classrooms her entire time during student teaching! If you aren’t in the education sphere, an inclusion classroom is where special education students are immersed with regular education students and there are typically two teachers in the classroom to best serve the students.

Abby didn’t always know she’d end up in education but during her freshman, her friends began to mention how good she was with kids – especially special education kids!

Abby is one of my sister-in-law Madelyn’s friends from the cohort so Madelyn decided to tag along and get some photos with her bestie, too!

Congratulations, Abby! Wishing you all the best!

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